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Pinball machine repair?

Agree the machine is a 1979 williams Gorgar's machine soilinoids do not fire at all (fins or nothing). But I am sure this is not the problem acationally Cause when I start it all fire at once. What could be the subject?

When you try to fix electronic pinball games as Gorgar you want to turn them on and see what works and what does not. If you turn it on and you get nothing - no lights at all, no sign of life - then you might have something as simple as a bad cord, bad main fuse or (rarely) a transformer power supply problem. Let's say you turn on and the machine seems EXCEPT completely dead, you can see the lights - and None of these lights are flashing. This could mean a number of things - part of the problems with power supply, blown fuses, connectors loose - but generally this means that the onboard computer needs help - in this case you want to send someone to repair. You can always call Steve Young at Pinball Resource (link below) for help. Score or 2 bits. Let's say you turn on the machine, and you see signs that the machine is alive and "thought" - You see the numbers on the score and the lights flash. This is a good sign! This means that your computer is running. If the operation of the computer and all seems work but the solenoids, then you may be lucky enough to have a bad fuse. Fuses often - but not always - once for a reason. If yes, you can replace the fuse and blow everything away again. If this happens, you have to track down the problem of wiring, fuse up reel, or anything else. On the other First, you say at once the fire - do you mean all the coils fire at once? Wow. Did they fire and hold (in this case, you will hear a sound hum) or by the fire after it? Well, the flippers are difficult to diagnose for a start, but the response back with details on what I described and we will see what we can do. BTW, Gorgar was I think was one of the first if not the first talking game. It was certainly the first Williams set to speak. But it used to be difficult to sell to people's homes because it has a main character more or less satanic. Once, we showed up at a guy and as soon as the Guy's wife saw him she told us to leave it in the truck!

Williams Gorgar Pinball Arcade Machine looks great plays great
Williams Gorgar Pinball Arcade Machine looks great plays great
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